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    Send Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile

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    Send Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile is mobile messaging software that empowers you to compose and send bulk text messages from PC using blackberry mobile phones.

    Software is significant for
    • Provides easy way communicate with your customers or targeted audience.
    • Helps you to grow your sales through mobile marketing.
    • Extents your business across the worldwide and increases your business revenue
    • Helps to make your business product social and enhanced customers interaction.
    You can download trial version from here :
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    Send Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile
    Step1 :Use “Import and Composing Options” to Load Contacts from file and select “Delay Delivery Options” to delay or pause SMS delivery at specific time interval.
    Software working features :
    • Provides delay delivery option to control the load of bulk SMS broadcasting.
    • Supports all national as well as international mobile networks.
    • Provides advanced list wizard option to maintain the list of contact numbers or groups.
    • Send SMS to individual or list of contact numbers via blackberry mobile phones.
    • No internet connection is required to send the bulk messages from PC via blackberry mobile phones.
    • Provides option to skip duplicate contact numbers entries.
    • Provides facility to load bulk contact numbers from excel sheets or text file.
    • Useful for Marketing campaigns, Product launch alerts, Job alerts, News alerts, Promotional activities, Reminders, Birthday greetings, Special offers, Stock market alerts, Event alerts and personalized SMS.